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The quality work is important for our company and as its corner stones: the application of high level, modern technology, the continuous training of our colleagues and the reliability.
For the demonstration of these - besides the positive customer feedbacks, the customers returning after years or decades - we have the following certificates:



-ISO 9001 Integrated Quality Management System

Our company has introduced the ISO 9001 integrated quality management system in 2003. Our system is audited year after year by an accredited, independent certification body, the FerrCert.

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- ISO 14001 Environment Management System

From 2003, our company operates in accordance with the provisions of the standard ISO 14001, and our Environment Management System is audited by an independent certification body, the FerrCert in each year. By the EMS we also try to demonstrate our commitment towards the environment, the full compliance with the relevant legislative regulations and our pursuit for the decreasing of the environmental effects of our business operation.

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Certified contractor

Our company has close relations with several outstanding machine and tool manufacturer. The German Dr. Schulze GmbH, which has 35 years of experience in the field of diamond technology, also belong to these partners. For the first time in Hungary, we have been privileged that we have earned the "Qualified Contractor" title of the renown manufacturer.
Our decades of experience in the field of concrete machining raised the interest of Dr. Schulze GmbH. We regularly participate at the trainings of the manufacturer, where we are informed from firsthand about the technological development, innovations and its application. We are so honored that we continuously got orders from the German manufacturer for the testing of newly developed diamond tools.
Our qualified contractor certificate refers to concrete cutting, core drilling and floor treatment.

You can get to the website of Dr. Schulze GmbH by clicking on the link below:


Bisnode certificate

The Bisnode international company qualifier assesses the financial stability and business reliability on the basis of a continuously measured and proven system developed by international experts. Our company, the K.T.K. Diamant Kft. was chosen this way as one of the financially most sound companies. On the basis of this our company belongs to the 9.82% of the Hungarian companies whose finances are the most stable, i.e. they have a Bisnode certificate.
We feel particularly honoured that our company got "AAA" qualification from Bisnode, so we belong to the 0.67% of the Hungarian companies (the financially most stable ones), which means perfect credit rating.
It's a great honour for our company that we can be among the best according to the objective company qualification of Bisnode. We pay great attention to operate correctly on the market, so it is
important for us that an external expert also confirmed that the probability of our insolvency is extremely low. We believe in that with the help of the Bisnode certificate
we can increase further the confidence in our customers, suppliers, employees, which is more and more important in the long-term, stable business relationships. The fact that Bisnode approved the stability of our company as an independent expert, conveys the message for us that we are on the right track in building our company. Since the qualification of our company was performed strictly on the basis of professional criteria (there are no tenders and companies cannot apply to it), therefore the Bisnode certificate distinguishes our company on the market in a really positive way.

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