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Environmental Policy

  • Our company endeavours to protect the environmental values. The minimization of the emission of harmful substances is an important factor in the course of our technological developments.
  • Due to the positive aspects of concrete cutting and concrete drilling with vibration-free diamond technology (main profile of our company, there is only a minimum level noise and dust pollution compared to other similar technologies. 100% of the dust forming in the course of concrete cutting and drilling is adsorbed by the used water, which is collected fully with suitable tools.
  • We perform a significant part of our soldering works with electric soldering machine in order to avoid the emission of harmful gases.
  • We transport the wastes formed during working to the competent waste management body in accordance with the legal provisions.
  • We look for the economical usage of natural resources from each employee of our company.
  • Our integrated environment management system introduced and operated according ISO 14001 also helps to meet our objectives, and we make a lot of effort to continuously develop this system.


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