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Quality Policy

The mission of our company is that the customers, owners and the colleagues should all assert their interests in the course of the operation of the company. Its essential condition is the quality work performed in good working environment. In order to promote continuous and appropriate ensuring of the quality we have introduced the ISO 9001:2001 quality management system. We consider it important that all of our employees should accept our quality approach.

Our quality policy depends on three main pillars. These are the technological development, professional preparedness and customer orientation.


  •     Technological development:

One of the fundamental condition of the quality working is the reliable and the best quality working tool. We have chosen our machines in the spirit of this from the products of the leading manufacturers of the world. Due to our relationship with our suppliers we have up-to-date information on technological innovations, which we continuously adjust our machinery.


  •     Professional preparedness:

Our colleagues have two decades of professional experience in several fields of the construction industry. Our professional besides their experience acquired through practical work are also participate at continuous professional trainings.


  •     Customer orientation

The customers' satisfaction is the best indicator of quality. To achieve the customers' satisfaction (besides the professionalism) we need to understand and map the customers' demands and ideas. Due to the customer oriented approach characterising the whole company we provide customized service for our customers.

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