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Our non-exhaustive list of references. We compiled it in groups according to the provided services for the sake of transparency, and within these groups can be significant overlaps because of the complexity of our services.


Reconstruction and renewal of buildings:


- TEVA (Debrecen):

 - Forming of a former boiler house into a production plant


- TEVA (Sajóbábony):

 - Renewal of a 30 kW transformer building

 - Founding and installation of container parks

 - Reconstruction of fermenting plant

 - Building of reinforced concrete retaining wall and batters around the water tower


- Chinoin Zrt. (Miskolc):

 - Reconstruction of warehouse

 - Renewal of transformer building

 - Building works of staircases


- BorsodChem Zrt. (Kazincbarcika):

 - Renewal of phosgene building

 - Reinforcing works of the container parks of the chlorine plant


- Bárdi Autó (Miskolc): Restructuring



- ALDI (Karcag): Restructuring



- Top-shop (Kaposvár): Restructuring



- Auchan (Miskolc): Restructuring



- Auchan (Miskolc): construction works

 Customer: ARCADOM Zrt.


- Auchan (Maglód): construction works

 Customer: ARCADOM Zrt.


-Szinva-park (Miskolc): Reconstruction works


- Miskolc Plaza (Miskolc): Reconstruction works


- Railway station (Záhony): Reconstruction works

 Customer: KE-VÍZ 21 Zrt.


- Móricz Zsigmond Theatre (Nyíregyháza): Reconstruction works

 Customer: KE-VÍZ 21 Zrt.


- MÁV station (Nyíregyháza): Works related to reconstruction

 Customer: KE-VÍZ 21 Zrt.


-DAM (Miskolc): House reconstruction works

 Customer: MIK Zrt.


- University of Miskolc (Miskolc): Reconstruction works of the main building and the dormitories Customer: Strabag Zrt.


- AES Thermal Power Plant (Tiszapalkonya): Floor reinforcement works of the turbine building


- Duna Plaza (Budapest): Shelter reconstruction works.


- NYÍR Plaza (Nyíregyháza): Reconstruction works


- SUZUKI (Esztergom): Restructuring for the installation of new technologies


- SVIP Kft. (Sajóbábony): complete reconstructing of the obsolete potable water system

 Customer: Svip Non-profit Kft.


-Sports hall (Alsózsolca): reinforcement works and other renewals of the steel roof structure


- Erzsébet Spa (Miskolc): Installation of the new reinforced concrete floor steel structure Customer: M2-Tech Kft.


-CHINOIN (Miskolc):  Reconstruction works of Pharma I-II.


- TVK  Rt. (Tiszaújváros): Reconstruction and renewal works




Reconstruction and demolition of bridge structure


- Tisza Bridge (Polgár): Demolition


- Mária Valéria Bridge (Esztergom-Párkány): Restructurings


- Sajó Bridge (Sajókaza): Demolition works


- Petőfi Bridge (Győr): Reconstruction works of the structures


- Bridge construction works (Cigánd): Removing of flood area garden piles


- Restructuring works of the overpass over the M3 motorway towards Vác.


- Kígyós-stream Bridge (Nyírád): Renewal works on the public road nr. 7317


- M30 (Felsőzsolca): Reconstruction works of the circulatory overpass structure


- Railway bridge (Nyékládháza): Bridge demolition above operating high voltage railway track

 Customer: VIADOM ZRT.


- 6 bridge renewals, demolition of edges and other superstructures on the main road nr. 35

 Customer: KÖTEK RT.


- Demolition and reparation of bridge supports on the Tisza Bridge of the M3 motorway

 Customer: MAHÍD Rt.


- Demolition of the Kadarcs-stream Bridge

 Customer: Betonplasztika Kft.


- Arany-stream (Nagycenk): Pile head demolition works

 Customer: STRABAG Zrt.


- Reconstruction works of the Perje-stream Bridge on the main road nr. 4

 Customer: POLÁR –HUSZ Kft.


- Hernád Bridge on the main road nr. 37 (Gesztely): Demolition of bridge superstructure

 Customer: ADEPTUS Zrt


- Vájás-canal Bridge (Győrtelek): Demolition works

 Customer: Mértan Kft.


Cable cutting works of the railway overpass in Szár

 Customer: Mértan Kft.


Rope cutting works of the piers of the North railway Danube Bridge

 Customer: POLÁR-HUSZ Kft., Hídépítő Zrt.


- Pier reconstruction of the Kapos Bridge in Döbrököz

 Customer: Közgép Zrt.


- Liberty Bridge (Budapest): Partial demolition works

 Customer: Bécsi 70 Kft.




Concrete cutting, concrete drilling (and the related works):


- ALDI (Budapest): concrete cutting



- Borsodi Brewery (Bőcs): wall cutting

 Customer: Imex Szerviztechnika Kft.


- Edelény Castle (Edelény): Reconstruction, drilling works

 Customer: FK-Raszter


-Sw-Umwelttechnik (Majosháza): Disintegrating cuts of the finished products


- Gerbeaud (Budapest): Reinforced concrete cuttings, concrete drillings

 Customer: PerBau Kft.


- Szécsény - Mill: Drillings, demolitions

 Customer: Mart Kft.


-Decathlon (Miskolc): Reconstruction of road and other public utility

 Customer: Arcadom Zrt.


- Hell Energy (Szikszó): Drillings

 Customer: Duktil Kft.


- Soot plant (Tiszaújváros): Floor cutting

 Customer: Tiszai Gyárfenntartó Kft.


- Megyaszó-Mag Kft.: Beam cuttings


- Szatmár - Mill (Jászberény): Cutting building engineering spans on the floor

 Customer: Szatmári Malom Kft.


- Railway station (Kálkápolna): Reinforced concrete drillings

 Customer: Dam-Bau Kft.


Drilling of utility tunnels (Miskolc)

 Customer: Axxon-Duo Kft.


- Pellet plant (Tiszaújváros): Concrete cutting

 Customer: Ekofire Kft.


- Veres Péter Secondary and Vocational School (Balmazújváros): Drillings

 Customer: Hajdúép. Kft.


- County Hospital (Miskolc): Drilling works

 Customer: MPS Studio Bt.


- CORA (Miskolc): Placing of water main, cutting and substitution of floor covering


- VOLVO (Polgár): Drilling of rainwater overlifting shaft

 Customer: Bau-Vill ÉpKer Kft.


- Sewage plant (Miskolc): Drillings

 Customer: AVM Kft.


- Dairy farm (Miskolc): Floor drillings

 Customer: Minna Tejipari Zrt.


- Fux Zrt. (Miskolc): Making openings at the seat


- TESCO (Tiszafüred): Cutting of panels

 Customer: FK-Raszter


- Tisza Bridge (Vásárosnamény): Pier drillings

 Customer: Pont-Terv Zrt.


- MOL (Hajdúszoboszló): Drillings

 Customer: R&N 2003 Bt.


- Kemény Dénes swimming pool (Miskolc): Drillings

 Customer: Polip Kft.


- Glass factory (Orosháza): Chamfering

 Customer: Kis Szerelő Kft.


- K&H Bank (Sajóbábony): Drillings

 Customer: Jánosik és társai Kft.


-D&D Drótáru (Miskolc): Concrete drillings

 Customer: N&L Technoterm


- Holcim (Miskolc): Concrete drillings in the Hejőscsaba factory

 Customer: Lanaxis


- ALDI (Hatvan): Concrete cuttings and drillings

 Customer: Strabag


-S.C. Kesz S.R.L. (Brasov): Concrete cuttings and drillings


- Grindstone plant (Sárospatak): Drillings



- Water treatment plant (Eger): Drillings

 Customer: Heves County Waterworks


- MEK (Miskolc): Drillings at the Obstetrics - Gynecology Department

 Customer: FK Raszter


- Michelin (Nyíregyháza): Concrete panel cutting, pier cuttings, chamfering, floor cutting

 Customer: I-Controll Kft.


Line 4 (Budapest Metro): Concrete cutting

 Customer: Mahíd 2000 Zrt.


- College of Nyíregyháza (Nyíregyháza): Reinforced concrete drillings

 Customer: Kraftszer Épületgépészeti Kft.


- Waste incinerator (Budapest): Floor drillings

 Customer: Panta Rhei Kft.


- Biomass power plant (Szakoly): Concrete drillings

 Customer: Vegyépszer Zrt.


- Lurdy Ház (Budapest): Demolition of the reinforced concrete goods lift shaft

 Customer: Lakóház- Építő Kft.


- Péterfy Sándor Street Hospital (Budapest): Demolition of the elevator shaft

 Customer: Schindler Hungária Kft.




Demolition of buildings and building parts


 -Chinoin Zrt. (Miskolc): - Building demolition

                                 - Demolition works of staircases


- BorsodChem Zrt. (Kazincbarcika): - Partial demolition of the PO building from the level of +32 m to 14 m

                                                 - Demolition of building parts with concrete cutting machine

                                                 - Demolition with automotive breaking machine

                                                 - Complete demolition of the transformer building


- Paper mill (Miskolc): - Demolition of engine pedestals

 Customer: Szinva-Ép


- Waste incinerator (Budapest): Demolition of the foundation of the waste incinerator near the Fóti road

 Customer: Alpine Hung. Ép. Kft.


- Thermal power plant (Lőrinci): Demolition of the chimney and the building


- Demolition of buildings damaged in flood (Felsőzsolca): Free of charge demolition and responsible technical management of thirty houses


- M3 Business Center (Budapest): - Demolition of floors with concrete cutting machine


- Office of the Prime Minister (Budapest): Partial demolition of the shelters






- Auchan (Miskolc): Basement excavation and mechanical excavation of the building pit of the utility pipings


- BC Zrt. (Kazincbarcika): Earthworks at the wastewater treatment plant

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