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Due to our professional staff having extensive professional knowledge and to our machinery we undertake to perform general implementation of construction projects.

Our references include industrial facilities (food industry, machinery industry, pharmaceutical industry), logistics facilities, public buildings (nurseries, schools, hospitals, office buildings) and residential houses as well. We have all the machinery necessary for construction and reconstruction and our trained professional have great experience from the basement excavation through the different finishing works to the engineering and electric implementation.

We perform the restructuring works (vibration-free cutting, drilling, destruction demolition technologies) of the buildings also with our own machinery and professional staff.

In the case of individual needs, shorter deadline or bigger projects, due to our more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry we can expand our capacity with experienced subcontractors who do quality work.

Our company also perform the project management and the responsible technical management.



- TEVA (Debrecen):

 - Forming of a former boiler house into a production plant


- TEVA (Sajóbábony):

 - Renewal of a 30 kW transformer building

 - Founding and installation of container parks

 - Reconstruction of fermenting plant

 - Building of reinforced concrete retaining wall and batters around the water tower


- Chinoin Zrt. (Miskolc):

 - Reconstruction of warehouse

 - Renewal of transformer building

 - Building works of staircases


- BorsodChem Zrt. (Kazincbarcika):

 - Renewal of phosgene building

 - Reinforcing works of the container parks of the chlorine plant


- Bárdi Autó (Miskolc): Restructuring



- ALDI (Karcag): Restructuring



- Top-shop (Kaposvár): Restructuring



- Auchan (Miskolc): Restructuring



- Auchan (Miskolc): construction works

 Customer: ARCADOM Zrt.


- Auchan (Maglód): construction works

 Customer: ARCADOM Zrt.


-Szinva-park (Miskolc): Reconstruction works


- Miskolc Plaza (Miskolc): Reconstruction works


- Railway station (Záhony): Reconstruction works

 Customer: KE-VÍZ 21 Zrt.


- Móricz Zsigmond Theatre (Nyíregyháza): Reconstruction works

 Customer: KE-VÍZ 21 Zrt.


- MÁV station (Nyíregyháza): Works related to reconstruction

 Customer: KE-VÍZ 21 Zrt.


-DAM (Miskolc): House reconstruction works

 Customer: MIK Zrt.


- University of Miskolc (Miskolc): Reconstruction works of the main building and the dormitories Customer: Strabag Zrt.


- AES Thermal Power Plant (Tiszapalkonya): Floor reinforcement works of the turbine building


- Duna Plaza (Budapest): Shelter reconstruction works.


- NYÍR Plaza (Nyíregyháza): Reconstruction works


- SUZUKI (Esztergom): Restructuring for the installation of new technologies


- SVIP Kft. (Sajóbábony): complete reconstructing of the obsolete potable water system

 Customer: Svip Non-profit Kft.


-Sports hall (Alsózsolca): reinforcement works and other renewals of the steel roof structure


- Erzsébet Spa (Miskolc): Installation of the new reinforced concrete floor steel structure Customer: M2-Tech Kft.


-CHINOIN (Miskolc):  Reconstruction works of Pharma I-II.


- TVK  Rt. (Tiszaújváros): Reconstruction and renewal works

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